Marco Brambilla



Marco Brambilla’s latest video work, Echo (Lidar Central Park), employs LIDAR scanning technology to capture a scientifically accurate representation of the geography of Central Park. LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, uses a pulsed laser to generate a three-dimensional model of the environment and its surface characteristics. To create this impressionistic portrait of Central park, Brambilla took more than 200 Lidar scans (one every 75 feet moving in a roughly south to north direction) to create a detailed depiction of the park down to each leaf on a tree. The result of these scans; the “point-clouds” were then collaged together to create a virtual landscape through which we are taken on a fluid, hyper-sensory journey revealing familiar points of interest in an unexpected and impressionistic way.

Echo (Lidar Central Park) visualizes the resonance between what is natural and man-made, organic and technological, through the intersection of the technique and the unique landscape it explores.


Echo (Central Park Lidar), 2014
UHD video color, sound
15m continuous loop