Marco Brambilla



Filmed in 35mm time-lapse at nine revolving restaurants across North America, Cyclorama presents panoramic views side by side in a cylindrical enclosure that mimics the restaurants’ architecture, creating the sense of one continuous, moving landscape.

The panoramas offer nine simultaneous sunrises, erasing time zones and providing a continuous 360-degree view of the western horizon. The installation reveals the revolving restaurant to be a paradox: wanting to be in many places at one time while desiring to duplicate a familiar moment.


Cyclorama, 1999
Nine-channel video installation
Color, sound
3:20 min.

Collection San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The Art of Design: Selections from the SF MoMA Collection, San
Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2005
Paradise 8, Exit Art, New York [curated by Kenny Schachter], 1999