Marco Brambilla



Cathedral was filmed at the Toronto Eaton Centre mega mall during the Christmas shopping season. Here is consumerism as spectacle: Throngs of shoppers circulate in slow motion, in superimposed and multi-layered images that transform the mall into a kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory space. The cyclical montage is inspired by the time and motion studies of Frederick Winslow Taylor and Frank Gilbreth, which date from the American industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century. The video is installed in a mirrored box, bringing the video into three dimensions and further multiplying the images.


Cathedral, 2008
Single-channel video installation
Color, sound
9:32 min., loop

Collection Metronome Foundation, Barcelona

Cathedral, LOOP, Barcelona, 2008
Art Production Fund, LAB, New York, 2008
Future Projections, Toronto International Film Festival, 2008