Marco Brambilla


Filmed at John F. Kennedy Airport, passengers arriving from long-haul flights enter the terminal looking for contact with someone familiar. The footage was shot on camcorders equipped with telephoto lenses and slowed down to emphasize the moment of transition that each subject experiences as they arrive. The installation consists of 4 screens, with a 1-second delay between the identical images in each screen.


Approach, 1999
Four-channel DVD
Color, sound
Four airport monitors suspended in custom enclosures with ceiling mounts
09:00 min., loop

Collection Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden,
Washington DC, Collection Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Vanishing Point, The Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, 2005
Busan Biennial, Korea [curated by Ai-Ryung Kim], 2002
Approach, Projektraum, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, 2000
Media City, Seoul Biennial, Korea [curated by Barbara London], 2000
Approach, Henry Urbach Architecture, New York, 1999